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Turner Sims
University Music Department

The Turner Sims is southampton's finest performance hall situated in the heart of the university's Highfield campus. It has played host to many of the greats including recently Einaudi.



2 Feb - New Music Players
9 Feb - Ian Pace
16 Feb - Philip Howard (piano)
23 Feb - MA Recital
1 Mar - MA Recital
08 Mar - James Birkett (Jazz guitar duo)
15 Mar 15 - MA Recital

12:50 is the time to be at the Turner Sims concert hall and refreshments are on sale beforehand. All these concerts are free and thoroughly enjoyable, so do try and get to one.

Monday concerts are performed by professional musicians and on Friday students from the department play as part of the course and they are often assessed.

Havant Chamber Orchestra

A suite of Baroque dances, an unmistakably English ‘song’, the most famous of all Spanish guitar music and a symphony by a composer who died tragically young. What a concert programme! and it will be played by Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall, Osborn Road, Fareham on Saturday 7 February commencing at 7.30pm.

Needless to say, the guitar music is Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez played by no less than Carlos Bonell, currently a top world guitarist and whose recording of the Concierto is rated one of the best.

The Suite - by the great Johann Sebastian Bach - includes his famous ‘Air on the G string’; next is Delius’ fresh and dance-like ‘Song before Sunrise’ and the Symphony is by the Spanish composer, Arriaga, who only wrote a symphony, several string quartets and a cantata - all of tremendously high quality before he died aged just 19 in 1826.

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