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On a weekly basis I take up to 76 CD's from my house up to the radio station. This is generally done on my back as I tend to ride a bike there. 76 CD's is quite a lot for an hours show, in fact It contains over 79 hours of classical music. This may seem like overkill but I like to be prepared and it means that at any time in the 2 hour show you can ring me or email me and get the request of your choice played on air.

For this very reason I have spent hours painfully adding all the tracks on the CD's into a database that is accessible by you. And this is the result, you can post a request from this site from anywhere in th world and I will play it for you on the next program. Nice.

So on the following pages you will experience some nifty search techniques allowing you to find the track of your choice (if I own it) and request it. The : playlist search : page contains three techniques, a full search for a specific composer or track title; then there's a list by composer method (listing all 'B' composers for example); and finally a 'list all' option for the insane.

When you press one of the buttons a new page will appear displaying your results. Here you need to find the track you want, copy the CODE into the box on the side and press 'request'. This will send the request to me and I'll play it for you. If you are not working on your personal computer, there is an email me link with which to send an email.

New CD's include 'Great Film Themes' volume 1 and NOEL : A Celebration of Christmas Classical Music.

Simple as that - so have a go!


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last updated :: 23 October 04