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So you want to listen to me :

Surge now broadcasts online so you can listen to Symphonic Surge from anywhere in the world.

This is of course best achieved when I'm actually in the station, which is between 9 and 11am GMT on Saturday mornings. To find out your local time when I start my show at 9am GMT, use the following handy map from

Now that you've done that and it's the right time you can listen in using the following link. Select a streaming version to listen with.

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Download recent shows:

That's right, for the first time in the histrory of Symphonic Surge you can download and listen to my radio program. I have recorded the hour from 9:00 and the format is .mp3 (so a program like Windows Media PLayer or Winamp would be good). The file is 16 mb, which is quite large and will take a while to download. In future I may do some cunning cutting action on it. Just right-click and 'save as' the link:

: Symphonic Surge 29/11/03 :


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