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Where did it all begin and where is it going?

Symphonic Surge was first aired last Easter during the run up to the semester 2 exams when it's presenter, Nick Bailey, realised how popular other classical music stations are to students during revision. It was also noted that the said presenters name is rather identical to one of the presenters on the not-said stations.

So Symphonic Surge was born and started out life only really playing Holst 'The Planets', Beethoven's 5th and 7th symphonies and Sibelius. Happily for all the listeners Nick soon began to invest in a classical music collection and variety began to seep into the programs play list. This has now stretched to over 30 CD's including a number of complete symphonies and suites by composers such as Aaron Copland and Mahler.

" The idea of a classical program then festered in my mind for a few months and eventually I emailed Surge. They offered me a training time so I plucked up enough courage and went. All the equipment looked terribly complicated and difficult but after a second practice period I was still totally nervous and scared about the first show. The title of the show was a joint M block idea mainly conceived by Paul from The Rock (Fridays 6 till 8).

"My first program was at 2:00 pm on the 12th of May 2001 and for the first ten minuets I shook almost uncontrollably, and the second ten weren't much better. All I really remember was saying 'and up next is ...' for every piece of music I played which was a little repetitive. Also taking the news for the first time was like juggling with delicate wine glasses - pushing the faders up and down and clicking the jingle at the 8th second two - but after that first hour was out I relaxed into it a bit more and it went really quite well."

Nick Bailey, on his reaction to his own show


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